Writing for Voice


  • Typical worth length is 400 to 700 words
  • Use a single space after a period
  • Single space the document
  • Please avoid footnotes. However, if you want to add a footnote, use BlueBook, but for websites only include the web address.
  • Beyond style rules below, Voice loosely follows Chicago Manual of Style
  • Include an article title, your name, and your title:

For example,
Title of Article
Student Name
J.D. Candidate 201?, UCI Law

  • Send your article via email to the Executive Editor
  • Once submitted, the editor will return your article with suggested edits in track changes. Please review, accept edits that you agree with, and send any changes to the editor.


Voice will accept all articles as long as the articles can be legally published, and Voice will publish them on a first-come, first-serve basis. Articles submitted for an issue, but not published for that issue will be published in the following issue unless it is a time sensitive article. Although Voice will publish every article, every author should consider the following issues:

1. Is there any sensitive or confidential information?
2. Do you need permission to talk about the issue? (e.g., permission from a supervising attorney)
3. Are you comfortable with the article being published and widely read?
4. Are you comfortable with a possible future employer finding the article?
5. Is the work originally yours?


Abbreviations—No periods are required between letters in abbreviations except for U.S., J.D., and abbreviations made with lower case letters, such as e.g., i.e., or a.m.

Contractions—Avoid contractions, unless it is in a quotation.

Course Names—Capitalize official course names, but not generic course names.

Dean—Include the title dean when referring to a dean by name.

Em-Dashes—Em-dashes can be used to separate clauses—but without spaces on either side.

Hyphens—Hyphens should only be used for hyphenated compounds; for example, self-restraint, four-inch beam, or twentieth-century scholars. To separate clauses, use em-dashes.

Numbers—Write out numbers one through ten, except if it has a decimal or is a fraction.

Professor—Include the title professor when referring to a professor by name.

UCI Law—The law school name in Voice is UCI Law for brevity and consistency.

United States—United States should be spelled unless used as an adjective, such as in U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Constitution, or U.S. dollar.


Executive Editor
Oversees all newspaper aspects. Responsible for making final edits, creating the layout of the newspaper, and writing a monthly letter from the editor. Communicates with authors and makes final determination of which articles will be included in the issue. Solicits and collects articles for every issue. Oversees Voice publication and distribution.

Associate Editor
Responsible for first round edits. Helps Voice Executive with publication and distribution.

Web Editor
Responsible for publishing Voice online and catching any overlooked errors.

Responsible for an article every month for at least three issues on any topic of choice. Voluntary position with approval of Executive Editor.