VOLUME V / Issue 2



Hello UCI!

Welcome back for another edition of the Voice. First, we want to welcome aboard our new Assistant Editor, Jenaun Abound and thank her for her contributions to this issue. We also want to thank all of our contributors to this issue for their insight and articles.

With everything just past the halfway mark of the semester, we think that now is the perfect time to reflect on what’s behind and what’s ahead. Now is the time for reflections on the first half of the semester, on how the school year so far has met your expectations. On that note, we would like to thank the Entertainment Law Society for their first submission in a series profiling UCI Law professors, an interview with Professor Sarah Lawsky.

This is also the time of semester to look forward, to think about how we want the rest of the semester and school year to unfold. UCI, let us know with our next article how you plan to make change happen for the better.

Jeremy Cowan and Anna Rea
Executive Editors


The Ghost Iron Shuffle: An Interview with Professor Lawsky

Gerardo Sosa & Yoshi Burns interviewed Professor Lawsky on behalf of the Entertainment Law Society for an ongoing column on professor profiles. READ MORE.


Voice Food

ClaireLise Kutlay’s latest recommendations: Kéan Coffee and Lucille’s BBQ Smokehouse. READ MORE.


A Response to Chancellor Gillman: Bystander Intervention is Not Enough

I was glad to see Chancellor Gillman’s email to the UCI community detailing UCI’s many sexual assault resources and reiterating UCI’s stance against “sex offenses.” As UCI Law students, we are subject to main campus’ sexual assault investigatory and adjudication procedures—important information for any law students that may find themselves needing to report assault or harassment.
However, I am troubled by the Chancellor’s almost exclusive focus on bystander intervention. Bystander intervention has become a popular sexual assault prevention strategy on college campuses around the country—but it is problematic in a few important ways. READ MORE.


Good Faith Advice

As we’ve passed the halfway mark in the semester and exams loom ever closer, I find myself more and more overwhelmed. I work as hard as I can but it seems like everyone else is able to handle the work and stress better than I do. I’m starting to doubt whether law school is the right path for me. How do I overcome the discouragement and keep going?

Sinking Fast