VOLUME V / Issue 1

From the Editors

Hello UCI! We want to welcome you to the fifth volume of the Voice. 1Ls, welcome to UCI! 2 and 3Ls, welcome back! We hope that everyone enjoyed their summers and has come back to UCI reenergized, revitalized, and ready to go!

We’re proud to be able to continue the tradition of publishing the Voice for UCI Law and we want to thank our wonderful columnists and contributors for helping to make the first issue of the 2014-2015 academic year. We also would like to welcome our new Good Faith Advice writers, Mary Poppins and Nancy Drew.

Remember UCI, this is your newspaper. We depend on you to let us know what you’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing. No matter what you may be going through, never forget that you have a Voice here.

Take it away, UCI!

Jeremy Cowan and Anna Rea
Executive Editors


Response to: “Making CDO Better: Heard Throughout the Courtyard”

I hear a lot of criticisms about the Career Development Office that are either unreasonable or inaccurate, and frequently both. I think much of this angst comes from the unfortunate reality that students feel it is their law school’s job to find them employment—an attitude that I’ve definitely heard around the courtyard, as in “well, they have to find us jobs so that students will continue to come here, right?” While this is probably an inevitable sentiment when law schools charge six figures for a degree, it’s troubling. READ MORE.


Voice Food

As the title suggests, I will recommend off-campus restaurants and study places in the greater Orange County area. A little about me: I like food and hate the library. It follows that I am very qualified for this responsibility. READ MORE.


SBA Strives to Represent Student Interests in Multiple Campus Conversations

We all know the famous JFK quote: “think not what your country can do for you . . .” Great quote, but the SBA urges that you should be thinking about what your SBA can do for you – we are here to represent you, the students, after all. We hope that as ambassadors to the student body, we are available for and open to student concerns, needs, and positions. We look forward to both starting and contributing to campus dialogue, and endeavor to represent your interests on issues that are important to you. Here are two issues that have been on our radar so far this year. READ MORE.


Good Faith Advice

Question: I keep finding myself too exhausted to do anything. I want to take advantage of every opportunity the law school provides but I don’t know how I can keep up with everything and bathe. How can I maintain some sort of balance (and my sanity)?

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