VOLUME IV / Issue 5

From the Editors

As another Spring comes to an end at UCI Law, this year’s last edition of Voice features one of our favorite traditions: 3L reflections. Those who contribute allow us a brief glimpse into the psyches of soon-to-graduate law students, sharing their genuine emotions, sentiments, memories, and vignettes – both bitter and sweet. We will surely miss our fellow classmates, who have contributed so much to the UCI Law community during the past three years. Yet we bid them farewell with a sense of pride and excitement for the important and meaningful journeys upon which they will soon embark as emissaries of our program.

In the vein of good things that must come to an end, this is also our last edition at the helm of the Voice. Each Voice edition has featured bold, thoughtful, and prescient pieces addressing and exploring important issues that often push the proverbial boundaries; and this edition is no exception. This year, we tried to have a strict policy this year about not accepting anonymous articles. As you’ll soon see, this issue we sort of scrapped that policy. We thought by requiring authors to name themselves, we were upholding UCI Law’s open and welcoming environment. But we’ve come to realize that maybe in some situations, an individual’s voice is not what is needed, and an anonymous voice can do more for the community than a named voice. We’ll have to leave it up to the new Executive Editors to decide on next year’s policy, but for our last issue as Voice Editors, we’re happy to present some of the voices that we ourselves were preventing from speaking.

It has been an absolute joy to work directly with so many of our talented contributors – students, alumnus, and faculty – and to provide you with a safe, respectful, and encouraging space in which to express yourselves within our community. Both your unique views and willingness to contribute to less traditional law school endeavors are quintessential UCI Law traits; ones we value and hope will continue beyond our tenure. You have no doubt broadened and enriched our perspectives, and we are truly grateful for your courage, efforts, and willingness to share. A special thanks is in order to the repeat contributors who have been there when this paper needed you the most, as well as to the Law School Administration for supporting our efforts to revive print editions of Voice.

Endings and new beginnings are often synonymous, and we are very pleased to pass the editorial torch to our talented 1L Assistant Editors, Anna Rea and Jeremy Cowan. Anna and Jeremy have shown commitment and passion to every edition of this year’s Voice, and we are deeply confident in their ability both to carry on this paper’s traditions and to infuse it with their own unique vision. Please join us in giving Anna and Jeremy a warm welcome and many good contributions going forward!

Caroline Reiser and Sam Titelman
Executive Editors


Making CDO Better: Heard Throughout the Courtyard

As a new school, we are often faced with challenges. These challenges are usually welcome because they force us to improve; after all, we are striving to make a better law school. One of the challenges we are faced with is how well UCI students are able to find jobs. Given some frustrations with the Career and Development Office (CDO) that students continue to voice, I decided to point out these frustrations and offer some suggestions on how we can improve. READ MORE.


A Conversation We Tried to Have

Richard Sander was in the news last month due to reports about racial animus and the hostile campus climate experienced by black students at UCLA Law. Thinking about the events going on nearby burdens my heart with sadness and anger, and it reminds me of a conversation that we had at UCI Law. More accurately, it reminds me of a conversation we tried to have. READ MORE.


Good Faith Advice

We have had an amazing run as your friendly neighborhood advice-givers for the last two years but now we have to move on. It breaks our hearts, sure, but we are hoping goodbye really means “until we find replacements to carry on the good and reputable names of Gertrude and Socrates.” READ MORE.


3L Reflections

UCI Law 3Ls reflect on their experiences at UCI Law. READ MORE.


How to Pass the California Bar – A Must Read for UCI Law Students

In this article I will tell you exactly how to pass the California Bar Exam and any other Bar Exam in the country, albeit with a few important, narrative detours. I am fortunate never to have attended a “12-Step Meeting.” But if I attended a meeting 4 years ago, it would have probably started out with me saying something like this: “Hello, my name is (first name here) and I’m a jerk.” READ MORE.


Paychecks and Learning Not Mutually Exclusive:  ABA Should Allow Students to Receive Both  Compensation and Credit for Qualifying Externships

No one likes to talk about money. It’s tacky. But when the average law school graduate carries more than $100,000 in debt upon graduation, it’s time to talk. The ABA Law Student Division has been talking and then some, and I commend its student representatives for their advocacy on law school affordability. One project in the works is their proposal to remove the ABA ban on students receiving both academic credit and monetary compensation for externships. READ MORE.