Volume III / Issue 2

From the Editor

This time of year is always an emotional roller-coaster.  The relief of Thanksgiving weekend and the anticipation of Winter Break are unavoidably dampened by the sense of impending doom that accompanies final exams. Although nothing can completely alleviate the stress of finals, we would like to thank Director of Student Life Jennah Jones for sharing her experiences and advice to help you through the next few weeks. We would also like to thank Professor Glater for his thoughtful (and thought-provoking) reflections on the recent Fisher panel and Elizabeth Levy for her unique take on the body and health. Finally, special thanks to Myles Couch for organizing the Class of 2013 haikus, which are sure to give you a laugh if you find yourself in need of a study break.

Good luck on exams and best wishes for the holidays!

Zeenat Hassan
Executive Editor


Facing Finals

For as long as I can remember, and as long as my family can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer.  As a Resident Advisor in undergrad, my boss handed me a stack of brochures about earning a master’s degree in Higher Education. My reply? “Thank you, but I’m going to law school,” as I handed her back the stack of helpful information. READ MORE



A selection of haikus from anonymous poets in the Class of 2013. READ MORE.


A Conversation We Should Have

Talking about race is tricky. This month’s panel, convened by APALSA to discuss possible implications of the lawsuit filed by Abigail Fisher against the University of Texas at Austin, illustrated some of the risks.  No one wanted to talk about Abigail Fisher’s case.  READ MORE


Rice Contract

Years of haggling with my internal organs have shown me that good health is not a gift, but rather something that must be perpetually bargained for. My body functions like a federation of cellular labor unions, with each organ agreeing to work only under conditions that have been negotiated through many screaming rounds of collective bargaining. READ MORE


Why IRAP? (again)

I am a 1L. So is Erik. We each lived very different lives before UCI Law. Erik was an actor. That’s right—an actor. I was a student, twice. Without belaboring the point, it is a fact in this world that Erik has had some very compelling experiences. My reasons for exuberantly diving into IRAP (the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Program)—the background of my passions for refugee assistance—are no deeper than a book. (It’s a very deep book. Read it.) Here is something of an overview, that does not give it justice. READ MORE


Cartoon of the Month

By Veritas