Volume II / Issue 6

“When I Think of the Class of 2012…”

UCI Law staff, students, and faculty share their reflections on the Inaugurals. READ MORE


The Inaugural Class Gift: A Public Interest Fellowship for the Class of 2013

As a matter of tradition, law school classes typically give back to their law school.  The Class of 2012 decided to honor this tradition by establishing and funding the UCI Law School Inaugural Class Fellowship.  READ MORE


With Enormous Gratitude

Someday, years from now, when the history of UCI Law School is told, one of the most amazing parts will be how the school was able to attract truly terrific students from the outset. Each of our first three classes has been terrific and has set a standard for excellence for all of the classes to come. READ MORE


A Thank You to the PILF and Al Meyeroff Grantees

Shortly before the Public Interest Law Fund (PILF) auction, I was outed as a donor to the Donate A Day’s Pay program by fliers posted around campus thanking the students who donated a portion of their summer pay to help fund summer stipends for students taking unpaid public interest positions. I, along with some of my fellow classmates, also received nice emails from Pro Bono Director Anna Davis, a shoutout in the PILF program, as well as lovely cards in our mailboxes from Dean Chemerinsky. All of these thanks were thoughtful, well-intentioned, and appreciated. In my opinion, however, the thanks were misplaced. READ MORE


Why Not, UCI Law?

The last issue of the Voice was full of reasonable, well-thought-out articles. I found this highly disappointing, and decided to write something haphazard and controversial for the next issue. However, I quickly realized that limiting myself to one topic was difficult, so instead I compiled a list of thoughts that deserve further kicking around as we send our first graduating class off into the sunset. I hope that people with more intelligence and patience than I will discuss, think about, and maybe even solve some of these issues. Why not?
In order of importance: READ MORE


DC in OC: UCI Law – Traditional and Innovative?

The conclusion of the first three years of UCI Law presents a timely moment to pause and consider the institution we have built. For my final Voice article as a UCI Law student, I want to reflect on the very first three years of institution building at the law school. I strongly believe that as a new school, we should be deliberately coupling construction with evaluation and asking ourselves how successful we have been as a community in creating the ideal law school of the 21st century, what roadblocks are in our way, and how we can better accomplish our mission. READ MORE?


Lollygabber: May 5, 2012

I spoke at my 2002 high school graduation in front of several thousand people. Four years later, I skipped my college graduation out of principle and as a form of protest. I received my Yale diploma in the mail. READ MORE


From the Editor

This issue of Voice is dedicated to the Class of 2012. Words cannot express the jumble of emotions I feel at the thought of our Inaugurals graduating. Of course, I am sad to see them leave, but I am excited to see what they will accomplish in life. Although I am nervous about following in their footsteps, I am inspired by their legacy.
Like so much of this school, Voice is a creation of the Class of 2012. We owe a tremendous thank you to Diana Palacios, Irina Trasovan, Denny Chan, Lauren Davis, Joni Carrasco, Edgar Aguilasocho, and the many others who have helped establish this newspaper. Because of their work, what could have been just a small uRSA pamphlet has become UCI Law’s first and only newspaper. So on behalf of the UCI Law community, thank you. As you begin a new phase of your lives, please keep in touch and remember that these pages will always be your forum for discourse and dissent.


Cartoon of the Month


“Class of 2012” by Lisa Payne