Volume II / Issue 5

You Can’t Rank This

In choosing to attend UCI Law, I told myself that I wanted to help build an institution. If I’m honest, what I really meant was that I wanted to help to create a community of shared progressive ideals. READ MORE


This past fall UCI Law once again surprised the national legal market. A large percentage of UCI Law students were offered prestigious post-graduate judicial clerkships. Over a quarter of the inaugural graduating class will be clerking for federal bankruptcy, district, and circuit court judges, and one state supreme court judge. Based on the latest figures available, UCI Law will rank third in the country among top 20 law schools, just behind Yale and Stanford, in the percentage of students entering Article III clerkships after graduation. READ MORE


Making Sense of Linsanity

Like lots of kids who loved basketball, I dreamed of playing in the NBA. Nothing about those dreams were remarkable—they were the cookie cutter fantasies of any adolescent basketball junkie, a paradigm of delusion masquerading as ambition. “Dream-Selwyn” could run like Pippen, jump like Jordan, shoot and dribble like Allen and Iverson, and all the while look on the outside like the same scrawny little Chinese kid who was so skinny his friends in high school called him Rex (short for anorexic—my friends were unimaginative, and dumb). READ MORE


Billable Hours and the Allocation of Costs

Pretty much everyone involved in the legal profession in any meaningful way spends much if not most of his/her time trying to allocate costs. Whether you are a judge structuring a judgment or consent decree, a litigator structuring a settlement, a transactional attorney structuring a deal, or a legislator or regulator structuring new rules or laws, you’re inevitably left with the fundamental question: “Who is going to bear the cost?” READ MORE


Lessons from Judge Hatter’s Chambers

The word like may be one of the most versatile four-letter words in the English language able to be uttered in polite company. It’s a verb (“I like basketball”); an adjective (“on this and like occasions”); a preposition (“live like royalty”); an adverb  (“more like weeks than days”); a conjunction (“like we expected“); a noun (“my likes and dislikes”); and perhaps most versatilely, a hedge and a colloquial substitute for said and thought (“This is, like, unbelievable.” “And I’m like, ‘Yeah’.”). With this last category of usage the possibilities are endless. READ MORE


An Afternoon in Lakewood

On a hot and sunny afternoon at the beginning of March, a group of UCI students and friends toured Lakewood, California with D.J. Waldie, author of Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir.* His book is an unromantic account of Lakewood, a suburb built after World War II near Long Beach and the Douglas Aircraft Plant on land owned by the Montana Land Company. READ MORE


Prop 8 Plaintiffs to Speak on Campus

On February 7, 2012, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that California’s Proposition 8, which eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry, is unconstitutional. On March 27, a lawyer from the sole sponsor of that case and one of the plaintiff couples will speak at the University of California, Irvine School of Law about their experience in this civil rights movement. READ MORE


The High Cost of Funding

So, like many of you/us at UCI Law, I am involved in a number of student organizations. I am one of the founding members of the Law and Economics Society and the Space Law Society, and a rank-and-file member of the IP and Cyberlaw Society. Though my involvement in these groups has waxed and waned (mostly waned) over time, it has always been in an “idea guy,” “bouncing-board” sort of capacity. READ MORE


The Law Review as a Force for Progressive Change

In the last issue of Voice, Sam Lam wrote beautifully about “the Irvine Conversation,” and concluded that we at UCI Law must “foster a nuanced, rigorous, and self-aware understanding of what is good about tradition, and what needs to be improved.” He also referred to several “traditional” benchmarks of law school success, including law review. READ MORE


Our PILF Funding Policy Should Change

I want us to have a conversation about PILF/Meyerhoff funding. It’s my firm belief that 1Ls and 2Ls who serve as summer judicial externs should be eligible for PILF/Meyerhoff funding if they choose not to receive academic credit for their externship. We talk of being a law school devoted to public service. READ MORE


Thank You from APALSA

After months of planning – and the combined efforts of so many of us – the second-ever UCI Law student-run symposium, “Reigniting Community: Strengthening the APA Identity” brought together community members, academics, and practitioners this past Thursday and Friday. Over 120 people registered for the symposium and kick-off event. READ MORE


More Than Just an Engineer, I’m a Big Kid Now!

In a recent Social Justice Thursdays lecture, Professor Chacon said that her law school classmates had a significant impact on her life. Reflecting on her statement, I realized how much my law school classmates have helped me grow over the last three years. Some of my closest friends in law school are women, and I have learned a lot from them over the last three years. READ MORE


DC in OC: Technology and Identity Preferencing

Online dating websites and smartphone applications (“apps”) have exploded in popularity, as our generation becomes increasingly tech-savvy. A number of my friends regularly find dates online; a few have even found long-term, stable relationships with websites like Match.com, OkCupid.com, etc. Some of these online tools are tailored to specific identities. READ MORE


From the Editor

First, Voice is proud to announce a new addition to the team! Please join us in welcoming Jigar Vakil (Class of 2013) as Associate Editor.

As UCI Law continues to define itself as an innovative yet top-ranked institution, many conversations have emerged on just about every aspect of law school. Students have used the pages of Voice to share their concerns about law review, rankings, clerkships, funding, and so much more. We hope that you take the time to read the thoughtful opinions of your peers and to respond so that we can continue the process of establishing UCI Law as a new standard of excellence.

Zeenat Hassan, Executive Editor

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