Volume II / Issue 4

Pro Bono: What’s In It For You?

Greetings my fellow exhausted, cynical law student.  If you are like me, it may feel like you have been pitched at least 50 times on the many benefits of pro bono work. But, you know what?  I still want to put in my two cents, particularly for students who, like me, may want to work for big law firms after graduation. READ MORE


Global Justice Summit: What the Heck Is It, Even?

At some point over the last month, you may have read the words “Global Justice Summit” in an email heading or on a Facebook post. If you are a 1L, you may have also heard your international law professor mention it in passing. When you read or heard those words, this thought may have entered your mind: “Global Justice Summit? What the heck is it, even?” Here is the poorly worded answer to that poorly worded question. READ MORE


Three Reasons Why We Want to Reignite With You

Next month is the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)’s student-organized symposium, entitled, “Reigniting Community:  Strengthening the APA Identity.”  The event is March 15 and 16 at UCI Law. APALSA was fortunate and honored to receive the student symposium funding this year, and we are beyond excited for the days’ events.  Most importantly, we want you to come. Before you think, “Wait, I’m not Asian…” read the top three reasons why we want you to attend, or better yet, get involved in the planning process! READ MORE


On Leaving Law School

If a certain well-known nursery rhyme is to be believed, life is but a dream. A spectrum of experience collapsed into a mindless collage of sights, sounds, and imagery, as if Picasso had taken a brush to the entire canvas of our existence. It bores us clean through, hollows us out, fills the void with feral memories for time to tame. And who but God or Tim Tebow can speak with authority to their import? To our own? As Joyce Carol Oates once wrote, we live what is random. READ MORE


Social Justice Thursdays Comes to UCI Law

In choosing to join the UCI Law community, many of us were drawn by the school’s goal of teaching a practice of law in service to the public; many no doubt harbored an interest in working for justice. But when we arrived, it may have been difficult to see through the haze of the first year curriculum to the contested principles of social justice that are present in every course, though not always explicitly. READ MORE


Revisiting the First Amendment From a Hindu Monk

There once was a small frog that lived in a well. He believed his well was the greatest and largest thing in the world, until one day a frog from the sea jumped in and told him otherwise. The sea frog argued how small the well was compared to the sea. The well frog could not believe this and cast the sea frog as a liar. READ MORE


The Irvine Conversation

I have had a particular conversation with my colleagues at UCI Law since August of 2009, when I began my first year. The conversation shows up in different ways at different times, but at heart it is the same conversation. I call it the Irvine Conversation. It goes something like this: READ MORE


The Field of Space Law

When “space law” is first raised in conversation, some variation on the following question usually follows: “So what exactly is space law? Is that like … space [horizontal arm motions] or … space [vertical arm motions]?” READ MORE


LGB-T Party

Lance Bass recently apologized in the Huffington Post for using the word “tranny” on live television. As a self-proclaimed adherent to the Oprah Winfrey philosophy that bigoted pejoratives cannot be reclaimed, I found it difficult to square my association of the t-word with empowerment and my discovery of its use as a transgender slur. READ MORE


DC in OC: In Defense of Food

As a foodie, I take food personally.  Recently I have been reminded about how food can be used as a means to “other.” READ MORE


Join the Voice Team!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe they put together this newspaper every month! I wish I could do that!” Well, now you can: Voice is looking to recruit as many new members as possible to join the team. READ MORE


Spring 2012 Perspectives Reading Group


From the Editor

Yes, it is belated, but welcome back and happy new year! This semester at UCI Law seems to be off to a busier start than ever before, and I can’t help but notice that there is a certain bitter-sweetness to this semester in particular. Of course, I am alluding to the fact that this is the last semester of law school for the Inaugurals. They have been here from the beginning, and it is difficult to imagine what UCI Law will be like without them next year.

            It is especially difficult to imagine what Voice will be like without its two dedicated columnists. We are happy to welcome back Denny Chan from his semester in Washington, D.C. To mark his return, Denny has appropriately renamed his column, “DC in OC.”
Lollygabber Lauren Davis is back as well, but sends her regrets for not being able to publish in this edition. Not to worry though, she will be back with more witty one-liners and insightful quips next month.

            The Voice team is working harder than ever to ensure that this newspaper remains a forum for discourse and dissent. But we need your help! If you are interested in becoming part of the Voice team, please let us know.

            Best wishes for the new year, and good luck!

Zeenat Hassan
Executive Editor, voice@ursa-law.org


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