Volume I / Issue 3

On Community

As the alarm buzzed, inevitably a familiar question reverberated through my mind. Am I going? The bed was warm and comfy, and it would be oh so nice to just sleep in. Invariably, however, the answer was yes. I dragged myself from bed, showered, donned a suit, and five minutes after eight I was sliding in the door behind the choir, hoping to find a seat on the crowded main level instead of being sentenced to the balcony. Read More »


Accepting Our Queerness

When I am faced with the task of summarizing my evolving perspective on LGBT rights, gender sexuality, and queer theory, I balk. How do I explain the story without having to retell it from start to finish? But with the recent spate of suicides in this country by teenagers who were gay or were perceived as gay, I feel compelled to offer something. What helps me muster up the courage to write is to know that at this point, I only need to say something, not everything. Read More »


Reading the Constitution in Tea Leaves?

The recent election season was full of references to the Constitution thanks to the Tea Party movement and right-wing populist candidates, such as Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell, and Sharron Angle. This radical new version of constitutional conservatism has been deployed as a rhetorical device against many government programs that are unpopular among conservatives. Read More »


Competing Theories

As this year’s 1Ls know, competitiveness has recently become a very controversial matter on campus. After fall break, Dean Schroeder spoke to the 1Ls to discuss some developments within our class since August. Her greatest point of contention was that she had received complaints about the competitive nature of our class. Read More »


Democracy Away from Home

November can be an exciting and anxious time. In the law school universe, students begin bracing themselves for the impending onslaught of final examinations. Perhaps more importantly, in the greater sociopolitical context of our country, Americans (depending on the year) have the opportunity to engage in one of the most important privileges and responsibilities our democracy affords us: voting. Read More »


Pottery: A Passion

When Irina Trasovan started talking to me about writing this article, it was due way off in November. What to write about? Something about me? Well, I have been or still am (to name a few) a mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt, friend, salesperson, blackjack dealer, hippie, airline training supervisor, faculty assistant, and potter. Read More »


Haunted Orange

On Saturday October 23, three brave souls from the UCI Law School ventured to the mean streets of Orange (that is right—there is a City of Orange in Orange County). They were looking for “Haunted Orange” and they found it. Read More »


Diversity: Law School Rankings

Every April, U.S. News & World Report (USN) publishes its latest law school rankings. This list drives most of legal education. For applicants, the rankings signal which law schools are slotted into one of four tiers (only tier one counts in the view of many); for deans, they are a reminder of the fierce, endless competition to climb higher on the ranking ladder; for alumni, they can be a point of pride or dismay, depending on which way (up or down) their school moves in the rankings’ hierarchy; for employers, they are a way to focus on a limited number of schools for potential employees. Read More »


Lollygabber–Curve Your Enthusiasm: A Call for Academic Fairness

The faculty recently voted to change the academic rules in three areas, and according to the Curriculum Committee, the changes will go into effect this semester rather than next semester. Although the changes are not necessarily draconian, the timing of their implementation certainly betrays the notions of fair notice we have been learning about since law school began. Read More »


From the Editor

This issue is the third and last issue of Voice for the semester. Voice will be back in January after a one-month hiatus. Reaching this first break is a milestone. Just a few months ago, Voice was but a mere suggestion made by Professor Jones. Yet today, with this issue, we have published 33 articles by 22 different people and we already have amazing articles waiting to be published in future issues. Three more great issues are planned for next semester. Stay tuned.


This Month’s Cartoon

Difference Fortified by Lisa Payne