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Claire-Lise Kutlay
J.D. Candidate 2015, UCI Law


In the spirit of the Women’s Law Society themed issue, I have decided to share the unofficial bakery of the UCI Law Vagina Monologues. (Recommendations below) During my first year of the show I decided to bring a cake to our dress rehearsal. Inspired by our vagina sassiness and one of my favorite monologues, I decided the sentiment should be “Cunt.” As you can imagine, it was a little difficult finding a bakery in Orange County who would be willing to adorn a cake with what many consider an unsavory word. I spent what felt like hours on the phone with various bakeries. I attempted to explain the show, say it was for a friend. I even tried negotiating to use their tools to ice it myself. Many owners told me they are “not that kind of place.” Luckily I found that kind of place. I found Layer Cake Bakery. Not only did Layer Cake Bakery deliver a cake adorned with “Cunt J,” the cake was hands down the best red velvet cake I have ever had. The cake was moist and a rich red color. The icing was whipped to perfection and was not overly sweet. The result was a very happy, and full, vagina cast and crew.

Since then, I have gone back to Layer Cake Bakery for cupcakes. We had five different cupcakes, all of which were delicious and confirmed my theory that this bakery is legit. Last year when the dress rehearsal approached, I called in my order. I requested “Break A Labia.”



Turns out the vagina friendly bakery needs a quick introduction to female anatomy. This year I will order another cake and I am excited to see how they interpret my request.

Study: Portola Coffee

If you love coffee and you don’t know about Portola Coffee, get ready for a wild ride. Portola is a hipster paradise. Rumor has it that at one point the staff wore lab coats. While staff no longer adorn the white coat, the feel of scientific precision is ever present. Each cup is individually brewed using one of three brewing processes. I am not knowledgeable enough to explain the differences. All I know is I have tried all three brewing processes and they all produce a delicious, strong cup of coffee. You will be heavily frowned upon if you try to add cream or sugar to the cup. If stranger’s approval is important, you can always try to sneak in your essentials. Apart from a strong obsession with drinking the coffee as presented, it is a chill place to study. There are lots of tables, a bar area, and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately there are not many power plugs, but you can distract yourself with people watching rather than Buzzfeed. And don’t worry, you can feel good about enjoying a cup of joe here. Portola is a part of Roasters United which aims to support farmers and source sustainable beans.

What: Portola Coffee
When: Mon-Fri 6am-9pm, Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 7am-8pm
Where: Costa Mesa location: 3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa. New Santa Ana location at the 4th Street Promenade, 201 E 4th St, Santa Ana.
Website: http://www.portolacoffeelab.com/

Food: Santa Ana 4th Street Market

This past weekend I visited the newly opened 4th Street Market in Santa Ana. This place is a large bustling center for deliciousness. There are fifteen food stalls. I only sampled items from four but I can definitively recommend this as An Awesome Spot. Before I talk about food, I want to mention some cool features. This is similar to a cafeteria so you can get food from multiple vendors and reconvene with friends. There is a great outdoor craft cocktail and beer garden with a large graffiti wall. There was a great DJ and an all around happy vibe. This would be a good place to go relax and not talk about law school.

Onto the food. We began with a Waffle Laki from Ink Waffles. The waffle was filled with lamb, fries, tomatoes, and taziki. It reminded me of an upscale version of the delicious Bruxie waffle sandwiches. The waffle is a little sweet but that somehow worked with the lamb. Waffles range from $7.99-$9.99. Waffle Laki gets a 5/5.

photo 1-2

Next up was Noodle Tramp. I got the Rare Beef Wagu Khao Soi. It was a coconut peanut citrus bowl of yum. My co-sampler did not enjoy the strong fish presence. I wanted there to be more beef for the price tag. Soups range from $7-$10. Overall 4/5.

photo 2-2

Feeling a little full, we decided to tackle Dos Chinos next. We settled on the Angus Asada which came with the house chimichurri. The meat was perfectly marinated and so juicy. I will definitely repeat. Dos Chinos 5/5.

photo 3-2

To end the feast we went to Chunk-N-Chip, an ice cream and cookie bar. Chunk-N-Chip boasts warm fresh cookies and flavors that change weekly. Ice cream flavors include fresh mint, orange blossom, lavender blueberry and French toast with bacon. Craft sandwiches are $5.00 and fully customizable. We went with the graham cracker cookie with banana cream ice-cream. I loved the ice-cream but did not enjoy the cookie. Granted, I don’t actually like graham crackers so I don’t know why I thought I would enjoy the cookie version. I see great potential from this place. FYI the owner is incredibly nice and offers samples. Chunk-N-Chip 4.5/5.

photo 4

Next time I want to try the Scallop Dog from Mar, Pork Poutine-ish from The Stockyard Sandwich Company, and the ginger root drink from Radical Botanicals.

There are two parking structures nearby and plenty of street parking. There is also Wi-Fi so you can easily Instagram your meal. #DTSA #4thStreetMarket #lawyering

What: Santa Ana 4th Street Market
When: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm
Where: 201 East 4th Street, Santa Ana
Website: http://4thstreetmarket.com/