To the Class of 2017

Class of 2017

I went to law school because it was part of my plan
To impact the world in the best way I can

Before it started, I was nervous about what was impending
Cuz I’m first generation and didn’t know lawyers before attending

But I quickly found a family that’s quirky and diverse
And came to have each other’s backs for better or for worse

We learned each other’s personalities, interests, and proclivities
We shared birthdays, and holidays, and other festivities

We saw breakups, and breakdowns, and painful lows
We saw weddings and babies that made families grow

We shared outlines, and lunches, and hotel rooms in Mississippi
We saw each other professional, we saw each other tipsy

When there was free food on campus, we sent out a Facebook warning
We did pro bono together first thing on Saturday or Sunday morning

Our trips to the coffee cart made our days less exhausting
Milestones were commemorated by sheet cakes with frosting

When the election was fresh, and many of us felt defeated
We unified to take action (and our work is not yet completed)

Some may just think of us as the class that loves petitions
But I think of us as a class with big hearts and big ambitions

I used to underestimate how influential I could be
But your passion and initiative has truly inspired me

While I’m excited that we’re all spreading out to new places
I will sincerely miss seeing all of your warm, smiling faces

Except probably see you all summer while we’re studying for the bar. ❤