Volume II / Issue 2

A Misguided Prosecution

Everyone lost when the Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, decided to criminally prosecute the students who disrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech on the UCI campus. READ MORE


Another Decade of Betrayal?

“Why do we have to go to Mexico? I don’t even speak Spanish,” my grandmother said as she looked up at her older brother while they stood on a train platform at Union Station, Los Angeles in 1935. READ MORE


Always Fighting: Playing the Game, While Changing the Game

“How do you make people uncomfortable in the seats that they are privileged enough to occupy at the exclusion of others, while still making it in law school?” Joni Carrasco asked the audience at this year’s LatCrit Conference. READ MORE


What if a Skylab Fell on It? The Fears that Make the Space Landfill

Recently, a six-ton chunk of space trash made headlines as it hurtled toward Earth. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (better known as “NASA”) could not estimate with certainty when or where the remains of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (a weather satellite launched in 1991, prosaically nicknamed “UARS”) would fall: READ MORE


Our Theme for the School Year: Social Enterprise

In the coming academic year, the Law and Economics Society at UCI Law will host a series of events and activities that relate to the organization’s theme for the year: social enterprise. READ MORE


UCLSAA: On the Importance of Attorney Apprenticeship

Sooner or later we must all graduate. But, as many of us have begun to realize, when we graduate from law school our career options are exactly the same as they have been for a long time. READ MORE


An ABC in D.C.: Thoughts on D.C.’s  Chinatown

I have an intense relationship with Chinatown. Growing up in suburban, white West Michigan meant that the closest Chinatown was a three-hour drive to Chicago. READ MORE


A Destination Deferred, Part 2

From the outside looking in, the CCA Detention Facility evokes the  image and ambiance of a dystopian housing project – sparse, unsparing, and impenetrable. READ MORE


Occupying America: The Solution the Movement Needs to Present, Part 1

The excitement is palpable. For a generation, there have been those of us who have seen our nation heading toward collapse; handing more and more money to a few up top, while outsourcing/offshoring/downsizing/Wal-Marting the rest of us out of our ability to get by. READ MORE


2012 Student-Run Conference

“They all look same,” and the model minority myth are misguided notions that have plagued Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities in the United States, perpetuating the stereotype of Asian Pacific Americans as a monolithic group of perpetually unwelcome foreigners. READ MORE


Transnational Perspectives to Immigration Law

This past year, three second-year and a fellow third-year law student and I co-founded the Immigration and International Migration Law Society (IIMLS). READ MORE


A Modest Proposal: Make UCI Law Free

In a recent discussion about our class gift, the Class of 2012 learned that for us to fund a single three-year scholarship for one law student at UCI Law, we would each need to contribute $500 every year for five years. READ MORE



Horror Beyond Halloween

For the true horror film fan, every night and weekend has the potential to be Halloween. However, the average moviegoer (and certainly the typical film  aficionado) does not take the horror genre seriously. READ MORE

From the Editor

One more issue down; one more to go (for the semester). So, if you have something say, then make sure you get the article in for the November issue of Voice. Also, student groups can now reserve space in every issue to announce events or analyze issues. This reserved space is a great opportunity for groups to let the student body know what they are about and what they are doing. Finally, Voice is still looking for people who want to join the Voice team as an associate editor, web editor, or columnist.

Many thanks to Zeenat Hassan. Without her, this issue of Voice would not have been published.


This Month’s Cartoon

Occupy Wall Street by Lisa Payne