Volume II / Issue 1

UCI Law’s Restrictive Externship Policy

Last summer I had the opportunity to discuss the law school experience with lawyers in various stages of their careers. Most expressed some version of the complaint that their legal education did not prepare them for actual legal work. READ MORE


Pigeonholed Before You’ve Begun to Fly

Most rising 2Ls are starting to think about where they want to work next summer. To do OCI or not to do OCI? Firms versus public interest versus government? Large firm or small firm? Direct services or impact litigation? Litigation or transactional? READ MORE


A Destination Deferred

Even by the standards of its practice, Casa Cornelia Law Center is a small operation. A count of its full-time staff can be taken on two hands, and while it avails itself of the services of several volunteer attorneys, a fair amount of work still finds its way into the hands of the six to ten law student clerks and interns that pass through each semester and summer. READ MORE


A Step in the Right Direction

UCI Law is distinguishing itself as a law school that is taking a step in the right direction. This law school has shown its commitment toward helping underprivileged communities since its opening in 2009. READ MORE


Why UCI Law?

Students reflect on their choice to attend UCI Law. READ MORE


DC in DC

Analyzing the Chocolate in “ Chocolate City”

Some people regard Washington, D.C. as “Chocolate City.” Indeed, the region features one of the country’s most prominent, robust, and lively African American communities as well as a substantial and active African refugee population. READ MORE



We have all heard the paternalistic characterization of the law school experience: First year they scare you to death; second year they work you to death; third year they bore you to death. READ MORE


From the Editor

We are back and ready to start the second volume of Voice. For this volume, we have many great articles, columns, and changes planned, such as the launch of Denny Chan’s column DC in DC. In his column, Denny will recount his observations and reflections while living and working in Washington, D.C. Of course, the very popular Lollygabber column written by Lauren Davis and This Month’s Cartoon by Lisa Payne will continue.

We are also looking for new associate editors, web editors, and columnists to join the Voice team; if you are interested, please contact the Voice executive.


This Month’s Cartoon

THE application by Lisa Payne