Help Wanted

Irina Trasovan
J.D. Candidate 2012, UCI Law

“I don’t know any lawyers. I am the first in my family to go to college and pursue an advanced degree. The LSAT? What’s that? The applications are due when?! I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m so confused.”

It was not that long ago that many of us were panicked prospective law school applicants, perhaps, on the brink of self- selecting out. Fortunately, (or judging by the bags under my eyes, unfortunately) a friend introduced me to a UC Berkeley alumnus who happened to be a UC Hastings law professor, who in his spare time helps people navigate the law school admissions process. Thanks to Professor Harris I learned that “optional” in a law school application does not mean optional, and that applications are due long before the February or March deadline written on the application.

So, why am I telling you this? My experience is and is not unique. It is unique in that I found help, but not at all unique in that I needed help in the first place. Just a few minutes with Professor Harrisradically changed my application plan. Information is vital. This is where we as law students come in. We can help prospective applicants. We have done this before successfully! We know at least some of the ins and outs of the process.

On Saturday, April 9, 2011 uRSA, OCHRA, LLSA, the Black Law Student Alliance, APALSA, WLS, OutLaw, CLEaR, and the Office of the Dean are putting on a law school admissions workshop featuring Anthony Solana, Jr., of For People of Color Inc. (FPOC). The workshop is FREE and open to the public (people do not need to be current students). Mr. Solana started FPOC ten years ago in an effort to provide people with law school admissions tips and strategies while clearing up common myths spread about applying. In addition to Mr. Solana, Dean Chemerinsky, Dean Austin, Estuardo Ponciano, and Nasreen Zia will present at the workshop. A student panel, attorney panel, and faculty panel will provide some insight and answer questions about the law school experiences beyond the application.

The most valuable part of the workshop, according to past participants, is the opportunity to speak with law students personally. People want to know what it is really like. This is a plea for volunteers. We need people to come chat with irina@ursa-law.orgfor information and how to get involved. Also, please help spread the word!