Introducing Gertrude and Socrates

Dear Gertrude and Socrates,
     A new column on The Voice?! WTF is this about??

Gertrude delivers the opinion of the court.

Yes, it’s true: The Voice has a new column titled Good Faith Advice. Good Faith Advice is pretty much what you would think it is, an advice column that gives (drum roll please!) good faith advice! Socrates and I are here to serve you by giving our advice on all those issues that you didn’t have until you made that seemingly good decision to go to law school. Whether you are unmotivated to do reading for class, distracted by the cutie who sits in front of you in Legal Profession, wondering if you’ve developed a drinking problem, or looking for assurance that you won’t end up jobless, or worse, working for free your whole life, we are here to help.

So, don’t be shy! Send us your questions. Tell us your problems. Your friends may be tired of hearing you complain, but don’t worry, we still care about you. We are here to give our honest advice to you…and to the rest of the student body. So remember, be cognizant of your audience and try not to give away your identity and the identities of other people when writing your questions. We are all in law school, which means we’re all practically lawyers, so Socrates and I would like to add that we reserve the right to redact your questions and publish them in our column. In order to keep our identities anonymous, please email your questions to the editors of The Voice: Caroline Reiser, and Samuel Titelman, Now start emailing your questions!