A Collection of Weirdos


Amy Lieberman
Class of 2017

I’ve said it before, but I will probably continue saying it til people stop asking: UCI was great because of my fellow students. Yeah, we have ridiculously amazing faculty and innumerable opportunities, I know. But the students make the culture that Dean Chemerinsky envisioned a reality. What a collection of weirdos! I couldn’t have imagined I would get so lucky as to spend my 3 years of law school learning about and learning from the approximately ninety other people who will be graduating on May 13th.

My son Richard was born into a presidential administration looking backwards, perhaps where the rule of law is crumbling to dust, and full of big questions about where we go from here. I don’t worry about him, though. I’ve seen the future of the practice of law in a few windowless classrooms in the far corner of the campus of UC Irvine. I’ve seen intelligence and curiosity. I’ve seen humor and dedication. I’ve seen passion and, importantly, compassion. I’ve seen it in all of you, and I don’t worry about him. Thanks for that.