We Parted Too Soon (Or Just Soon Enough)

by ursavoice

Class of 2016

“I don’t think it’s a secret that I hated 1L and got very close to quitting law school. If it weren’t for my classmates, professors, faculty, and administration, I would not be on the verge of graduation, so I felt compelled to write this little shout-out and thank everyone for helping me these past three years. I had zero idea what I was in for when I decided to go to law school (I didn’t even know what POTUS stood for), but I am truly thankful I chose UCI Law.”
Over and out, Natalie Diaz

“I am thankful to have attended law school with such a bright, caring group of people. I have learned so much by interacting with each of you and hope that we all stay in touch throughout our legal careers.”
❤ Francis Yao

Some say time flies when one’s having fun. While I wouldn’t necessarily characterize law school as “fun,” I definitely felt the time fly, so I can confidently say I at least had a little bit of fun (just kidding, it was a lot of fun). I would like to thank all of my dear friends and classmates for pushing through the most intellectually stimulating and memorable educational experience with me. The struggle was real, but my love for all of you is even more real. #SoUCI
Tim W.

UCI Law is unique in the sense that it truly fosters a collaborative spirit among its students. I had the opportunity to attend two law schools in the last three years, and while I very much value both experiences, the positive attitudes and overall willingness to help others at this school is very rare. Thank you for a wonderful two years UCI Law! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them anywhere else.
Lauren Shelby

As a 3L reflecting on the past three years, I realize that while my time in law school has been filled with ample stress, I have developed into a better, more informed version of myself. My one piece of advice to remaining students is: when the weight of your responsibilities and concerns seems too hard to bear, remember, “this too shall pass.” Good luck!
Ava Badiee