Non-Vagina Themed, Almost-Haikus

by ursavoice

Poems for Mod A:


EDU building,
why must you be a sauna
and then an igloo?


no class tomorrow
bar review tonight
necessary AND proper


First cold call of law school
Ms. Sweet, what is a crime?
Nailed it like a pro.


Tease it out girl, yeah
Tease it out for me like that
Now do the back end


Yeah, yeah, we get it
Transferred intent is stupid
Lesson learned: aim straight


Consequential damages
To be measured by
The size of the shaft


High fever plus internet


Scruffy beard and bright yellow pants

Leah, so quiet
Shining moment of glory
Carbolic smoke ball


Suitable for reg?
Public necessity?
Oh snap—you got Tunkled!

I’ll have a whopper
Hold the minimum contacts
Supersize fairness

Don’t date

that doctrinal creep
He’s void for want of mutuality


Crim law final
Oh no, two question number fives?
Christine saves the day!

3,000 words max

four hours max

So much to say, so little time


We made it through
semester number one –
where’s SBA with candy?