Why UCI Law?

by ursavoice

First-year students share their thoughts on attending UCI Law.


Caroline Reiser

Originally, UCI was my last choice of law schools. I grew up in Irvine, and having spent almost 18 years of my life in the area, I wanted to experience something new. There’s nothing wrong with Orange County; I just wanted to try somewhere else for a while. But then I attended ASW and started speaking with students about their experiences, both at UCI as well as elsewhere. My biggest fear about law school was being surrounded by the stereotypical cutthroat students, for whom competition and being number one in the class was more important than anything. No one I met at UCI gave me this impression in any way. I also felt that UCI was actually interested in giving me the most support in achieving anything that I wanted to achieve. In the end, it came down to experiencing a new place or picking the right school and it turned out, this wasn’t much of a choice. I can’t imagine being somewhere else because even when my eyes start crossing and my brain feels like it will explode, I know that I am surrounded by a strong community where everyone supports each other, from the faculty and staff, to the students and their friends and family outside of school.


Samuel Titelman

I was attracted to UCI Law’s small, tight-knit and supportive law school community with access to the resources of a large, leading university; the open-door access to leading faculty; well-rounded peers; a supportive environment; and the opportunity to contribute to an institution that is unafraid to be different.


Crystal Adams

One of my favorite professors and dearest mentors from my undergrad suggested I consider UCI for law school. Prior to my mentor’s recommendation, I had not heard of the law school. That referral was one of the most important pieces of advice I have ever received.
It did not take me long to discover that UCI was the perfect choice for me. I met so many current students, including most of the inaugural class, at Admitted Students Weekend. I was impressed by the student turnout alone, but then the students started talking earnestly about their experiences here, and I really began to understand what this school is all about, and I was so excited to become a part of the UCI community.
UCI is so eager to create an innovative and unique educational experience for. This school fosters a strong and healthy community in a way unlike any other. I feel comfortable seeking information or assistance from anyone, regardless of his or her title. I am proud and grateful to acknowledge that I have sincerely enjoyed my first semester of 1L year thus far, especially since I know that is not a common 1L confession. I thrive off the energy and insight of my peers and professors, and I am empowered by the infinite opportunities to develop the school and the broader legal community.


Jessica Garland

At UCI Law, I am surrounded by faculty and staff who not only constantly work towards our success in the legal profession, but also are generous and approachable people. I felt a sense of this support system at Admitted Students Weekend and have been continually impressed throughout my first year.”


Melissa Main

It is great to be a part of something new. And now that I have arrived, I am so happy I made the choice. The administration, faculty, students, my mentors and community fellows have all been so great and welcoming. Although it is hard, I am learning a lot and am glad I made this choice!