Lollygabber: May 5, 2012

by ursavoice

Lauren Davis

J.D. Candidate 2012, UCI Law


    I spoke at my 2002 high school graduation in front of several thousand people. Four years later, I skipped my college graduation out of principle and as a form of protest. I received my Yale diploma in the mail. 

    My younger brother passed away on December 8, 2008. Less than three weeks later weeks later, my father alerted me to a newspaper article in the Houston Chronicle about the creation of UCI School of Law. I quit my job in January, took the February LSAT, and hoped with all the hope I had left that I would get in. A few weeks later, on a Saturday afternoon, Dean Ortiz called and gave me the best news of my life. 

    What a difference a few years make! On Cinco de Mayo, six days before what would have been my brother’s 26th birthday, I will proudly walk the stage with 57 classmates from the inaugural class and, at least in spirit, the amazing visiting students with whom I’ve had the privilege to engage and befriend. Thank you all for the last three years. I look forward to and feel empowered by what the future brings.