A Few Thoughts as Another Semester Draws to a Close

by ursavoice

Irina Trasovan

J.D. Candidate 2012, UCI Law


    Close to this time last year, I wrote a commentary in Voice called “Halfway Done, Long Way to Go.” In it, I wondered what UCI Law would look like for the Class of 2014. I wondered what effect all the makings of a “real” law school—three classes for the first time ever, law review, moot court, and mock trial programs in full swing—would have on our community. In my personal opinion, the sense of community at UCI Law has never been stronger. I am continuously humbled by my classmates’ commitment to UCI Law and to each other.

    I asked to write for this issue of Voice for a number of reasons, some sappy, some selfish. I want to congratulate the Class of 2013 for being nearly half way done with law school and the Class of 2014 for completing the first semester. I also want to send out a cheer to my fellow members of the Class of 2012 as we near the start of our final semester at UCI Law.

    That was the sappy part, and now on to the selfish part. During every finals season I promise myself that I will be better prepared next time, that I will take on fewer commitments next semester, and that I will finally get my priorities straight—whatever that means. As a very busy semester draws to a close and our well-deserved rest is right around the corner, I have a plea: I ask that in your efforts to be more efficient, less stressed, and “better” next semester, you continue your efforts to make UCI Law a better and more interesting place and to take full advantage of what our campus has to offer.

    Given how easy it is to get caught up with all the things we have to do as law students and forget about all the fun stuff we should do, I thought I would take a moment to shamelessly plug some of next semester’s events. The Center on Law, Equality and Race (CLEaR) and the underRepresented Student Alliance will once again host the Perspectives reading group series. Professors will facilitate discussions on issues including labor law, immigration, race, and crime. UCI Law will host a series of lectures featuring distinguished speakers, including Professor Charles Ogletree, former Federal District Court Judge Nancy Gertner, Miranda Massie, and Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson. As always, Professor Weinstein will continue to bring phenomenal speakers for us to engage.

    Next semester is already insanely packed. I know it is impossible for everyone to attend all or even a majority of what is scheduled and will be scheduled. That said, I do hope you come out to some of the events. I say this not only because I am personally invested in some of the events, but also because as I think about the inaugural class starting our final semester, I realize just how fast time flies and that I hope to spend the spring having a ton of fun with all of you.