by ursavoice

Selwyn Chu

J.D. Candidate 2012, UCI Law


Today is of no moment

though there remains

a power in numbers

in the way they recall

already familiar images

in clearer more vivid color

that familiar burst

of orange

those black plumes

that blue canvas.


Tomorrow the air rings

with names, the night

shines, wise men peddle wisdom

to muted hearts and muted minds

shuffling and shuffling

back and forth

between all the things that

matter nothing and everything

that breed no consequence

but time.


I have heard the narrative that all

is changed, changed utterly

seen circumstance give way to ceremony

a chance to say again what never needed saying

before, save those who do not need saving

as if faith had need of reason

love, need of object.


Tonight in that hour of night when silence

humbles the smallest thought with meaning

your phantom fingers unfurl across

my palm, linger there like ivy.

I clutch at them clumsily, lightly as if

like tiny castles

they might crumble

in my grasp.