Join the Voice Team!

by ursavoice

By Zeenat Hassan
J.D. Candidate 2013, UCI Law    

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe they put together this newspaper every month! I wish I could do that!” Well, now you can: Voice is looking to recruit as many new members as possible to join the team.

    You are probably thinking, “That sounds fun, but I don’t have time for that.” Not to worry! The time commitment is flexible and dependent on how many hours per month you can commit.

    Now you are probably thinking, “But I don’t have any newspaper-related skills. Also, how does Zeenat always seem to know what I am thinking?” I have my sources. As to your first concern, we have a wide range of positions available depending on your skills and interests:


Assistant Editor: Work with the Executive Editor throughout the entire publication process. You’ll learn how to edit articles, do layout, print, and publish online. This is a great position to have if you are interested in becoming Executive Editor next year.

Web Editor: Publish articles to the
uRSA Voice website. Most of the editing has already been done, but you will be responsible for a final review and ensure that links/citations to other sources are functioning.

General Assistant: This position is the most flexible depending on your interests, skills, and time commitment. Duties might include editing articles, soliciting pieces on current events, printing, folding, and distributing paper copies.


    For more information on any of the positions, please contact me (Zeenat Hassan) at