One-Man Band

by ursavoice

Steve Vercelloni
Administrative Coordinator

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a flyer for a performance by UCI Law 1L David Pierucci scheduled for Friday, January 7, 2011 at Ray’s Pizza at the University Center. Very general biographical information was offered on the flyer, but from what I could piece together in my ability to do so the first day or two back from the holiday vacation was that there would be pizza and music. Everything lined up on Friday so I tied up a few loose ends and made my way down the hill.

David was out in front of the pizzeria limbering up both physically and mentally. He kindly greeted me and welcomed me inside. I was pleased to see some friendly familiar faces that offered me a seat and a slice of pizza.

David kicked off the show by explaining to the crowd that he would be opening for himself on keyboards and then shifting over to guitar for the bulk of the set. His equipment was top notch and very self-contained with both his vocals and instruments running through a single amplifier. His chops were certainly above average on both the keys and the acoustic guitar. David seemed to be dialing up a series of alternate tunings before every song leading me to believe that he was certainly knowledgeable in the mechanics of performance.

David’s between-song dialogue with Ray, the shop’s owner, was certainly based on a friendship that has developed over his first semester of law school and hours spent within earshot of each other. It was explained to me that David spends a lot of time at Ray’s Pizza.

The most appealing aspect of David’s performance for me however was his voice. He spent a good portion of his performance on the middle-to-top floors of his vocal range showing great versatility. He was even able to deliver material by The Beatles in the voice of the original singer of the song. He did “A Little Help from My Friends,” for example, in a “Ringo” voice that was quite accurate. That combined with his proficiency on both the keyboard and guitar left me very impressed.

The music in the set was a generous blend of classic rock, country, and soul. He fielded a number of requests toward the end of his performance with ease, and his entire concert was about an hour long. The crowd responded favorably to his song selection as well as David’s proficient delivery and comfort level with the material, which ranged from Bob Dylan to The Beatles with some Wilson Pickett and CCR mixed in.

David Pierucci’s enthusiasm and obvious love for both the songs and performing were inspirational and I hope his willingness to share his talents with us becomes a regular thing on Friday nights. It was certainly a nice way to unwind and as I made my way back to my car I was glad to have spent the time in good company at the end of a very long week.