Pottery: A Passion

by ursavoice

Char Anderson

When Irina Trasovan started talking to me about writing this article, it was due way off in November. What to write about? Something about me? Well, I have been or still am (to name a few) a mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt, friend, salesperson, blackjack dealer, hippie, airline training supervisor, faculty assistant, and potter.

Right now, pottery takes up all my non-law school hours since we are getting ready for a show. I started making pots about 11 years ago when my daughter took a pottery class. I saw her work and I said, “I wanna do that!” So I went right down to the Irvine Fine Arts Center and signed up for a class. It was a 10 week class, one night a week for 3 ½ hours. I thought I would make a full set of dishes for my home and maybe some presents for my friend. After the first night, my grandiose ideas were scaled back a little, I was hoping for just something round.

Mastering wheel throwing, for most people, takes a while—for me, it took a whole lot longer. I laughed and laughed through my first ten weeks. People would come by and say, “WOW, that’s better; it’s even sort of round.” I was awful, but I did not care. I was hooked. The first couple of classes I made a whole bunch of three-inch tall, sort of round bud vases and doorstops with terrible glazing. I was so proud!

If I had ever wondered about how good my friendships were before I took up pottery, all doubts were erased. They warmly smiled and graciously accepted my gifts of doorstops, platters that were too heavy to pass, fruit bowls that could collapse a kitchen counter, and chip and dip sets that caused a hernia to make but also only held about a teaspoon of salsa. I have REALLY good friends!

I like to think I have progressed from those first 10 weeks. Like with anything, practice makes it “a little better.” My husband and I now have our own small pottery business. (I am the potter and he is the glazer. How that evolved is a whole other story.) Pottery is my passion. I hope all of you will be able to pursue your passion even if it is only part time. Now get back to those books and become lawyers so we can call on you when someone breaks a pot and cuts themselves and sues us.

Char and Larry Anderson will be at the Sawdust Art and Craft Festival in Laguna Beach every weekend from November 20 to December 12 at booth #218.