Advocacy with Intelligence

by ursavoice

A note on the first issue of Voice

Lisa Payne

I LOVED the first issue of Voice.

Fresh out of graduate school, I taught English at the community college and middle school levels. My message to both groups was the same: Written communication is one of the most powerful tools they could possess. Reading Voice not only reminded me of the message to my students, but it also reminded me of how true that statement was. After showing the students examples of good, powerful writing, I challenged them to find examples of writing that did not “work” and to bring it in and tell us why it lacked the power. Finding ineffective writing became quite fun and at the same time, the students became very critical readers. When we finally turned the critical eye to their own writing, they saw how changing a word or a phrase made them powerful communicators. Many times, the students I worked with felt like they had nothing to say until they learned how to say it. This is why Voice struck me.

Intelligent, well-written advocacy is needed and is important. Thank you for demonstrating that it exists via Voice.