A Terrific Development

by ursavoice

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

I am thrilled that the students have created a law school newspaper. Obviously, as a constitutional law professor, I believe strongly in freedom of the press (and promise to support it even when it is criticizing me). The student paper can be an invaluable forum for communicating news about the law school, debating law school policies, offering opinions, and providing insights into legal issues.

Inevitably, the role of the newspaper will be defined over time and may vary depending on the particular students’ interests and the issues of the day.But at the very least, the newspaper can help keep everyone informed about what is happening at the law school by reporting on key developments and events. This will come even more important as the faculty and student body grow in size.

I hope that the paper will be a forum for debates over the law school’s directions, its policies, and its procedures. The law school is in its infancy and all of the students and faculty are integral participants in shaping it. The newspaper can offer ideas, identify problems, or criticize or praise what the law school is doing. It can be a place for debating the future directions of the law school. At its best, the newspaper will help to point the way to achieving the goal of truly being the ideal law school for the twenty-first century.

Of course, there is no reason why the paper must be solely focused on the law school. It can report about key developments and events in the legal system and the practice of law and be a place where these changes are thoroughly examined and debated.

Like any newspaper, this one should aspire to inform, to entertain, to be thought-provoking, and even at times to infuriate. I hope that the writers and editors will never hesitate to be provocative and always be willing to challenge ideas and authority.

A law school, and especially ours, is a unique community of students, staff, and faculty. Law school is inherently an intense experience. A newspaper can help to chronicle and also to shape it.

I hope that this first issue will be followed by more this year and for countless years to come. I applaud the students for creating it and know that it will be an integral part of UCI Law School.